Browser Compatibility Testing

How to use eValid to support regression testing.

Browser Compatibility Testing

Postby unsigned » Thu Apr 03, 2008 9:59 am

Can eValid be used for browser compatibility testing?

Thank you for your follow up to our evaluation request. Your product
isn't what we were exactly thinking it was. We didn't necessarily need
a load testing software as much as we are looking for a browser
compatibility testing application from a HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
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Re: Browser Compatibility Testing

Postby regressiontesting » Thu Apr 03, 2008 10:01 am

That's correct. eValid is an IE-compatible browser with
all the test functionality inside. No, it does not
do browser compatibility but it does have the option
of spoofing the server...

*eValid has a command that can be used to set the user agent string to
any value. This command makes it possible to cause eValid to report to
a server that it is ANY kind of browser, a feature that is useful for
validation of web applications beyond the IE context that eValid supports: ... tUserAgent

* Here is an illustration of how effective eValid's SetUserAgent string
can be in testing applications that involve multiple browser types: ... ation.html

* eValid has a related special capability to mainpulate HTTP/S headers so
that a tester can set up unusual header combinations, including trying
special "user agent strings", as described here: ... aders.html

Keep eValid in mind when you need to confirm the content of the
application rather than trying to find out how it renders
(the former is MUCH more difficult than the latter).
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