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Reading the data from the text or excel file

PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, 2009 10:41 pm
by hansk
I have one more quick question.

Here is our over all requriement

Summary of our requirements:
1. Reading data from text or excel file
2. Automate user inputs using different screen controls on the
webpage like "Dropdown list", "Text Box", "Push button" etc
3. Navigating different tab sections of the same webpage and capture
the screen shots in case of errors

I discussed only reading the data from the text or excel file part, will
that be possible rest of other two requirements ?

If so guide me with some example or documentation.

Pls let me know.

Re: Reading the data from the text or excel file

PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, 2009 10:45 pm
by eValid
I'll try...

(1) eValid input files are all text files. For Excel you will
first need to write the data to a text file so eValid can process
it...SystemCallWait is one way to do that...

(2) Not sure what you mean here...basically for one screen
that has, say, a dropdown list, the script you record captures
the details of that object...

If you have different objects, eValid records handling them

You could use CallScript dropdown.list.evs, for example, to
invoke a dropdown.list.evs script. Separate scripts for
each kind of object.

Also, in the index/motion = structural commands you could
generalize that quite a bit...

Is that what you are getting at?

(3) For that you use the OnErrorGoScript command...

eValid, during playback, has ERROR, WARNING, ALARM and TIMEOUT flags that
can be used to adjust the flow of control as described here:

The script that this logic takes you to can use the SaveWindow command,
which saves a screenshot in a specific file based on the names used
for the EventLog...

Hope this helps...

eValid Support Team