Flag Processing

Applying eValid to Rich Internet Application (RIA) Performance Monitoring.

Flag Processing

Postby unsigned » Wed Mar 26, 2008 2:59 pm

Does eValid have the abiltiy to flag events for
alternative processing?
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Re: Flag Processing

Postby monitoring » Wed Mar 26, 2008 3:00 pm

eValid, during playback, has ERROR, WARNING, ALARM and TIMEOUT flags that
can be used to adjust the flow of control as described here:

http://www.e-Valid.com/Products/Documen ... rting.html
http://www.e-Valid.com/Products/Documen ... .html#flag

For websites where pages are delivered asynchronously, it may be
necessary to use one of the two special synchronization commands
descrbed below to assure reliable playback.

Synchronization based on text in the page (sync is 100% internal):
http://www.e-Valid.com/Products/Documen ... SyncOnText

Synchronization based on a particular image content in the page
(requires desktop):
http://www.e-Valid.com/Products/Documen ... xySyncRect

If you wish to -- and for AJAX like applications this capability may
be NECESSARY to maintain playback synchronizations -- you can validate
and synchronize on ANY element [or element property value] in the page,

http://www.e-Valid.com/Products/Documen ... n.dom.html
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