Understanding the eValid commands in depth

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Understanding the eValid commands in depth

Postby LatimerR » Thu Sep 02, 2021 7:10 am


How does one learn the eValid commands in detail?

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Re: Understanding the eValid commands in depth

Postby eValid » Fri Sep 03, 2021 11:18 am

LatimerR wrote:Morning.

How does one learn the eValid commands in detail?


Thanks for asking LatimerR.

eValid has a rich and varied command structure.

There are over 125 different commands, each with different modifier structure and role within the eValid engine's operation.

Some are intrinsic (put in the script file automatically) and some extrinsic (you edit them in).

How do you know which command does what?

* Instant Command Documentation

You can view individual commands from the online eValid documentation direct from the View Script window.

Use eValid > View > Script window to open the script window.

You can also type "Ctrl-Alt-S".

Make sure you are not editing the script.

Move your mouse over the eValid command in question, and type Ctrl and then Double-Click the left button.

eValid will show you the detailed definition of that command in the eValid browser window.

* Complete Command Documentation

The complete command documentation definition is in the online eValid documentation.

Use eValid: Help > Documentation > User Manual to send eValid to the documentation area.

Then, click on Technical > Script Language to see the consolidated script language definitions.

The definitions are grouped according to function, and there is a complete alphabetic index at the bottom of the file.

Note: You can choose to see the documentation in your current eValid window, or in a separate window.

You make this choice in the Record/Play Preferences menu.

-- eValid support
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