Groundwork Monitoring Issues

Applying eValid to Rich Internet Application (RIA) Performance Monitoring.

Groundwork Monitoring Issues

Postby unsigned » Tue Feb 12, 2008 1:26 pm

How do we get step by step details into our Groundwork
monitoring and reporting system?
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Re: Groundwork Monitoring Issues

Postby monitoring » Tue Feb 12, 2008 1:27 pm

We're pleased to address questions about eValid usage and
technolocy with GroundWork's clients...

About your logfile question, is it correct that you're concerned
about the MESSAGE that appears in the output of step 63 in the
logfile you sent.

If you look at the complete logfile, the page you navigated
to completed an automatic redirect to another page, and
that redirect was noted at step 43 with the MESSAGE status.

The "command completed" message at step 63 will have a status
equal that is derived from the status values for all of the
parts of that command. In your log, as you can see,
there are OK and MESSAGE status repsonses, and so
the total command status is MESSAGE.

I guess the way to think of this is that if you want to
know at the "command completed" level what the total
status was for that command...

In the playback summary at the end of the log file
you'll see the OK count and the Not-OK count...and
they appear to be correct.

You may want to consider: eValid has the capability to create
a custom subset of the regular event log data, called a
"custom log", by filtering the data with a user-selected
set of options or keywords/strings: ... lters.html
eValid Tech Support Team
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