Using Site Analysis

Use and application of eValid's site analysis (site scanning) features.

Using Site Analysis

Postby vinu5884 » Thu Apr 16, 2009 11:16 pm


I'm new to e-valid. I came about evalid thru google. Downloaded it and start using. I need to test our product "" an online editor. I want to test the performance of requests & responses.

So i go with site analysis in evalid browser. I jus enter our app address. The page loads. Upto this fine. But the menu "Settings -> Site Analysis filters", Settings -> Site Analysis Preferences", "Site Analysis -> start" all are disabled.

Most of the menus are disabled. I'm helpless. Am I doing anything wrong ?
How to test with my application ? Please advise.

Thanks a lot in Advance.

PS: I go thru the instruction given in PPT reagrding page tuning, site analysis etc. In that they asked to give the url and click the siteanalysis menu. but it is disabled in my case.

~ Vinu

U can see it here
siteanalysis.JPG (112.47 KiB) Viewed 2545 times
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Re: Using Site Analysis

Postby siteanalysis » Tue Apr 21, 2009 11:35 am

We're sorry you're having problems in getting eValid to run

The reason all of the options are grayed out is that you don't have
a correct license (or your license has expired).

Also, in site analysis all you have to do is navigate to the page at
which you want to start and then press "go"...

We don't find you as having requested a license, so we will send a
license to you at the email address you specified in your eValid
Forum Account.

Also, if you want to check performance of requests and responses as
you say in your posting, you might as well consider using the
functional test features of eValid. You'll find that the detailed
timing data will be very valuable for you.

-- The eValid Team
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