Comparing Websites

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Comparing Websites

Postby nav101 » Fri Feb 19, 2010 4:35 pm

How would you go about validating a new website versus an old website?
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Re: Comparing Websites

Postby eValid » Tue Mar 16, 2010 6:14 am

nav101 wrote:How would you go about validating a new website versus an old website?

Sorry, but your question is very broad, so we'll make a guess as to what you are trying to do and hope that answers your need.

A common situation is that a website is updated and you want to confirm that all of the files there were in the first website (the prior one) are still present in the current one (the new one). You mainly want to know the difference between the two, in terms of the differences between two lists of URLs.

eValid site analysis can help with this. You set up a scan of the website that includes all of the pages from the prior website. This is called the "Complete List" in the eValid site analysis reporting structure. The list is a simple enumeration of all of the URLs on the site, as visited by the site analysis spider. Save this list in the "Prior Website" folder.

Then, do the same thing on the new new website, and save that one in a "New Website" folder.

Now you've reduced the problem to one of comparing two lists of files, and there are common utilities to "diff" the two lists. Hint: You may need to copy/paste from the HTML list into a text file to make the diff easy to do.

The "diffs" between the two files are your answer!

--The eValid Team
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