Trying to map a website using Query Strings

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Trying to map a website using Query Strings

Postby MWhitney » Mon Sep 13, 2021 11:01 am


How do I map websites accessed By Query Strings?

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Re: Trying to map a website using Query Strings

Postby eValid » Tue Sep 14, 2021 8:14 am

MWhitney wrote:Hello.

How do I map websites accessed By Query Strings?


Thanks for asking MWhitney.

Some Websites are organized to deliver the pages based on the contents of ?name=value pairs that are selected within the browser and then sent to the server.

There are lots of ways to do this, JavaScript being just one alternative.

You'll recognize this kind of page all of the URLs you navigate to on a Website have the same base URL but only differ in the content of the URL string after the "?".

How do you do a detailed site analysis of such Websites?


The eValid's site analysis engine has the option of providing the ability to "Limit by Extension/Query".

This alternative page selection method lets the retrieval engine get new pages based on selecting them when the contain a user specified ?name=value (or ?name=) substring.

Choose the Search With Limitations option in the eValid Site Analysis Preferences.

Then click on Search with Limitations.

For simplicity in this example, on the Limit by Protocols pulldown choose BROWSER PROTOCOLS.

Now you will have the option to choose what extension/query to use and which protocols to use.

In the Limit by Extension/Query section, type in the ?name=value pair or pairs [or, possibly, just the ?name= portion] for the pair or pairs that are to be held constant in
your search.

Start your search and make sure the eValid site analysis engine is doing what you expect -- visiting the desired pages.

Some experimentation may be needed to find the correct setting; every Website server is different.

Once you have the correct setting, turn on the Site Analyzer and let it run!

Please don't forget to select the page filters to apply as the search runs!

-- eValid Support
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