An Intranet Application Developed in Java

Use and application of the eValid server loading (LoadTest) capability. And in the cloud computing context for monitoring and loading.

An Intranet Application Developed in Java

Postby demetriu » Fri Dec 14, 2012 4:09 pm

Hello All,

We have an intranet application developed in java for which we need to do performance testing. We java developed script in Ajax True client and are running for about 150 users with 2 load generators and a controller.

What I have noticed is that the appplication, while being loaded, is responding normally while the load runner is capturing some very high response time for the script.

Also, I have noticed is that the internal memory consumption of LGs is high compared to what it is for other application.

Any pointers to why thos might be happening for the change in response times manually and LR's reading.

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Re: An Intranet Application Developed in Java

Postby eValid » Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:28 pm

This is actually a post that SHOULD be put on another product's User Forum. eValid is not the same as the TruClient application, and we really cannot comment on what TruClient may or may not do.

That said, however, and considering that eValid is implemented as a browser, some comments about how eValid performs when used in LoadTest mode may be in order.

(1) When eValid instances are launched, by the eValid LoadTest controller, each browser instance is a separate Windows process. As such, that process appears to the Windows Operating System as an independent process.

(2) Like any browser, these independent browser-user processes start with a small FAM footprint that grows as the browsing process continues; that is, as the test playback progresses through a set of pages.

(3) We have found, after making some documented changes in the heap space some other internal parameters, that the eValid LoadTest controller can launch 100+ BUs as a single user, without difficulty.

(4) By using multiple user accounts you can launch additional BUs. With 10 user accounts, therefor, you can have 10 * 100 = 1,000 BUs on one machine. This DOES require quite a powerful CPU -- our demonstrations are done on the "High Memory Quadruple Extra Large" Amazon machine image, where the CPU utilization even under that big a load usually stays at or below 25%, and network utilization at that load level usually is around 10% of capacity.

(5) For up to 1,000 BUs we do not observe any of the troublesome problems you're describing.

-- eValid Support Team
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