Using eValid to fine tune a web page

Use and application of the eValid server loading (LoadTest) capability. And in the cloud computing context for monitoring and loading.

Using eValid to fine tune a web page

Postby AndreaD » Thu Aug 27, 2020 10:52 am


How do you Tune Up A Single Web Page using eValid resources?

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Re: Using eValid to fine tune a web page

Postby eValid » Fri Aug 28, 2020 10:06 am

AndreaD wrote:Hello.

How do you Tune Up A Single Web Page using eValid resources?


Great question, thanks for asking AndreaD.

Website page performance depends on the detailed composition of the page.

Some pages are very simple, with few components and constituent images.

Some are quite complex.

"Tuning a Website Page" means studying how long each component takes to download.

You can do this very easily with eValid because you can see how long each piece of the page takes to download.

(1) Record Your Script:

Start by recording a script at the URL you are trying to optimize.

Make sure you have:

eValid > Settings > Preferences: Real-Time Recording ON

After the page is fully loaded, press RETURN every 5 seconds or so, until you have a total of about 10 repeats of the download.

This time delay is long enough so that the Web will "release the connection" between downloads -- you get a more-accurate timing this way.

(2) Set eValid to Run with No Cache, with Detailed Timings.

If you load from the local cache your timing will be quick, but won't indicate bottlenecks.

Use these two settings:

eValid > Settings > Cache Manager: Never Use Cache ON and:

eValid > Settings > Preferences: Log Messages DETAILED

(3) Play the Script and Study the Chart.

Play back the script and watch it continuously re-download the page.

When the playback is done use:

eValid > View Log Graphs > Performance to view the timing chart.

Use your mouse to study how long each element took to download.

What you're looking for is the one or two or three slowest loading components.

They are the ones that slow down the page and might need to be fixed for better performance.

See this URL for an example:

--eValid Support
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