DOM Synchronization Method

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DOM Synchronization Method

Postby unsigned » Mon Apr 07, 2008 10:18 am

I looked into the links I received from you, I did managed to make some changes, but I'm still not sure I can do all I want with eValid. E.g.:
I have an image button created by AJAX which has this HTML code: <img class=3D"xend-XImageButton" src=3D"/xmweb/lang/6/en/btn_next.gif"/>
Usually all the test apps I tried so far are trying to click on this button
before the button exists.

Now, I tried to make a sync with a line like this:
SyncOnElementProperty 0 "class" "xend-XImageButton" "" . Am I making any sense?

Another thing: I cannot simulate a click on another image button with this
html code: <img class=3D"xend-XImageButton" src=3D"/xmweb/lang/6/en/btn_audiotts.gif"/>

Could this be because the object is included into an IFRAME?

Thank you.
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Re: DOM Synchronization Method

Postby Ajax » Mon Apr 07, 2008 10:20 am

Thanks for writing!

(1) Forcing the playback to synchronize is EXACTLY what that command
is intended to do...

I'm unable to know if your SyncOnElementProperty will work without
seeing the PageMap for that page. Click Window > PageMap to bring
it should be OK from there...

(2) In some cases the pages are SO dynamic that the recorded
script has 0% chance of playing back reliably.

* eValid has special commands to allow manipulation and motion
inside a web page, to capture certain special kinds of effects: ... ation.html

So, try to "IndexFindElement" for what you want to click, then
follow that with IndexElementClick, etc.

You have to look for a property/attribute on the page for this
to work, but once you have the commands identified they are
subsequently immune to page changes.

Iframes should be no problem, but remember to read the correct
"frame_path" from the PageMap display that you're working with.

Finally, if you can't get it, send us the script and the URL
of the starting page (it has to be one we can see) and we'll
solve the riddle for you...
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