GWT Application OK

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GWT Application OK

Postby swtesting » Thu May 29, 2008 4:21 pm

I'll try, not sure if they have one, this is a new version of the app based
on GWT, the generated code it is quite a mess from the testing point of view. The "popup" page is opened eventually by a call, but there' s no chance of catching that, it is done in AJAX way, somewhere in background. And there are a lot of dynamic generated session and transaction IDs.

Thank you.
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Re: GWT Application OK

Postby Ajax » Fri May 30, 2008 4:25 pm

Aha! GTW is AJAX and that's a different matter.

Probably the action you want is being taken too early, so you
need the AJAX synchyronizations:

* eValid has special commands that can be used to achieve playback
synchronization based on internal properties of pages, a capability
that is essential in certain AJAX implementations: ... n.dom.html

The call should be no problem, but if your script
hasn't waited for it -- this is AJAX remember! -- then it will
look like an eValid mistake, but it isn't.

Simplest will be to edit in a SyncOnText for the page that
is supposed to show up, then eValid will wait for it to show up
before proceeding.

Synchronization based on text in the page (sync is 100% internal): ... SyncOnText

* Here is an example of how eValid works with the GWT objects: ... .sink.html

Let us know if these don't work out...
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