AJAX Page Testing

Applying eValid to AJAX applications that require advanced DOM-based methods.

AJAX Page Testing

Postby swtesting » Sun Jul 06, 2008 10:36 am

How does eValid support monitoring of AJAX applications?
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Re: AJAX Page Testing

Postby Ajax » Sun Jul 06, 2008 10:37 am

We heard you were interested in the eValid RIA monitoring

I think you all got a demo of eValid at some point. In a nutshell,
eValid (a) can do *ANY* application -- we guarantee that; and (b)
interfaces easily with network monitoring systems for reporting

Can you let me have your phone so we can chat about the possibilities
for eValid at Intuit?

I've put some blurbs about eValid below...

* Here is our recommendation for customers interested in setting up a
Rich Internet Application (RIA) monitoring solution:

http://www.e-Valid.com/Services/Monitor ... ckage.html

* Here is our offering for customers who want to have eValid technical
experts create Rich Internet Application (RIA) monitoring scripts:

http://www.e-Valid.com/Services/Monitor ... rvice.html

* Here is an example of AJAX usage that shows how eValid's IndexMotion
commands are used to test the Google Gmail application (which is
notoriously difficult to test):

http://www.e-valid.com/Products/Documen ... ple02.html

* Here is an example of AJAX usage that shows how eValid's
SyncOnSelectedObjectProperty works to synchronize playback in the
Microsoft "maps.live.com" (www.virtualearth.com) AJAX application:

http://www.e-valid.com/Products/Documen ... ample.html
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