eValid with GWT

Applying eValid to AJAX applications that require advanced DOM-based methods.

eValid with GWT

Postby unsigned » Wed Feb 20, 2008 11:18 am

Tell me more about AJAX support capabilities in eValid?
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Re: eValid with GWT

Postby Ajax » Wed Feb 20, 2008 11:21 am

* Just in case you are running test on a heavy AJAX application,
for example some of the GWT applications, you probably should
make sure that the Record Element Mousovers option is turned on.

Probably you're best off if you toggle in/out of the Record Element
Mouseovers state with Alt+F11 key. You can leave that on all
the time but it tends to lead to a very large script recording.

* eValid has special commands that can be used to achieve playback
synchronization based on internal properties of pages, a capability
that is essential in certain AJAX implementations:

http://www.e-Valid.com/Products/Documen ... n.dom.html

* eValid has special commands to allow manipulation and motion
inside a web page, to capture certain special kinds of effects:

http://www.e-Valid.com/Products/Documen ... ation.html

* In addition to its ability to record/play/analyze web-faced applications,
eValid includes a capability to record non-browser applications, and
also desktop objects. Please see:

http://www.e-Valid.com/Products/Documen ... .mode.html

* eValid rememebers the internal state of a test, and sometimes
controlling the internal state is critically important. Here
are some recommendations about how eValid supports maintaining
internal state:

http://www.e-Valid.com/Products/Documen ... state.html
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