How does eValid licensing work?

All aspects of eValid product installation and licensing.

How does eValid licensing work?

Postby Amirr » Wed May 16, 2012 3:44 pm

Can you please outline all of the types of licenses that eValid supports? In other words, how does eValid licensing work?
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Re: How does eValid licensing work?

Postby eValid » Wed May 16, 2012 3:55 pm

From time to time we are asked this question, "How does eValid licensing work?" Here is a short summary of some the available licensing options.

* Regular single-machine, multi-user floating license: You install eValid on one machine, and eValid is available to any number of users (user accounts) on the console or via Remote Desktop Connect (RDC), but at most one at a time.

This is our most-commonly-used license. With it you can share the eValid copy among all members of a small teams of testers.

* Enterprise license: This is the same structure as above, but the EPRISE license manager allows multiple users on the console or by RDC. For example, an EPRISE06 license allows up to six simultaneous users.

* Commercial License: This license requires web access, and eValid authenticates itself at launch time on a per use basis by interrogating a special web page. A commercial license can be organized as a subscription, or you can use the the "pay per play" mode that is employed by firms that use eValid in monitoring mode.

* Autoplay License: After special processing by eValid staff, this license allows any script you want to run on any machine, anywhere, for a fixed length of time. The special AUTOPLAY script unlock key is generated by eValid on a 1-day response time. There is a fixed fee and discount structure for multiple Autoplay licenses.

* Corporate License. In this case, you have complete freedom to use eValid anywhere in your firm, depending on how the agreement is negotiated. Typical corporate licenses are for 100's of users.

eValid has a number of different sets of features -- we call them bundles -- that can be tailored for specific purposes and applications. Examples include the functional testing, regression testing, monitoring, AJAX monitoring, monitoring-agent, single-user server loading, multiple-user server loading, and site analysis bundles. Any bundle of features can be implemented with any of the above types of licenses.

Please contact us for details and we can work out the licensing scheme that meets your needs.

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