Commercial License

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Commercial License

Postby sumnews » Mon Jul 14, 2008 2:30 pm

Commercial Licenses...what are they good for and how do they work.

I am looking for more clarification for point 1.

(1) Obtain a local license for each TEST PC by providing the HostName
for it...we can issue keys (accessible by everyone via web page) for
thos HostNames.

Is this standalone license for evalid tool. If not , how we can use these l=
icense for other sites.

For example.
I have 1 license for each site (site 1,2,3, as per point 1),in some situati=
on I need to use all 3 license for site 2.

so what will be the way to access all 3 license at site 2.

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Re: Commercial License

Postby Installation » Mon Jul 14, 2008 2:32 pm

The way a Commercial License works is this: you have a regular
eValid license key, say the set of features for a Regression
Test Bundle. Those keys activate eValid on any machine
which has web access and has eValid installed.

Wehen on some PC at any site you ask to run eValid, eValid
obtains authentication from a specific Cgi-Bin on our website.

Once authenticated, eValid runs normally on that machine.

The website notes the HostNames to which authentication
was delivered. The total HostName count is monitored

If you purchase N HostNames per month you are entitled to
eValid use on that many HostNames. Accounting is done monthly
after the fact.

There's no limit on the number of HostNames that are available,
except that additional may charges apply if your pre-specified
maximum number is exceeded.

The key number we need to work out the quote is the maximum
number of HostNames you would be using in a month.
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