You Don't Have A Valid License

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You Don't Have A Valid License

Postby epanel » Thu Jul 15, 2010 3:13 pm

I get this popup when I run evalid that says I don't have a valid license? Any ideas on this?
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Re: You Don't Have A Valid License

Postby eValid » Thu Jul 15, 2010 3:39 pm

Thanks for emailing us with your eValid issues.

After reviewing your details, it appears to me that you may have permissions related problems. Can you please check the following:

1. Was eValid installed under Administrator?

2. Does the logged in User Accout, if other than Administrator have full access priviledges to the entire folder inside the C:\Program Files\Software Research area?

3. The file in question "..\eValid\Program\Docs\Session\~00eVmet.html" is our [Page Metrics] html webpage which is usually generated when you start a Site Analysis AND/OR Tools->Metrics Popup->Activate MENU enabled action. GUI setting DEFAULT = off/disabled/unchecked...

*This must have been turned on without proper I/O permissions.

4. The "User" applying the above eValid feature does not have permissions to read/write this file, thus eValid is unable to generate the file and thus probably the popup...

I hope this helps you to move forward. Else please let us know and we can check for further causes.

eValid Tech Support Team
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