Your "company license prices"

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Your "company license prices"

Postby Marcaly » Wed Jan 23, 2013 4:58 pm

He guys, the eValid product is great, but I'm just a consultant and I can't afford your "company license prices." Any help?
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Re: Your "company license prices"

Postby eValid » Sun Jan 27, 2013 1:55 pm

Some of our best customers are "just consultants" and good consultants have a way of building up their practice and becoming really great consultants...and great customers. So don't sell yourself short.

There are many ways we can make eValid available to you at very low cost depending on the details of what your consulting assignment is. A big factor in the actual decision in each case is to know in detail what the long-term prospect for full-fee licenses may be.

We know that some companies insist that you have your customer buy their product and then assign it to you to use. We do that too (of course) but it is NOT a requirement at all.

In fact, some of our license agreements with consultants/contractors specifically encourage use of eValid by a contractor and provided you get permission in advance there is not problem in having the eValid results benefit your customer directly.

The key to every situation, in our experience, is to know what you are trying to do. Once we have a grasp on that then making a satisfactory arrangement is very easy. Just talk to us!

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