Handling License Issues

All aspects of eValid product installation and licensing.

Handling License Issues

Postby unsigned » Mon Feb 18, 2008 4:41 pm

How to install eValid when we have the license issues?
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Re: Handling License Issues

Postby general » Mon Feb 18, 2008 4:44 pm

We hope all is going well...

We didn't hear back from you and so far today we don't see
the project registration...

Below is the set of images we need from the installation
on the target machine to diagnose your problem. Can you
prepare and send these please?


If you are having trouble with eValid license installation(s)
here is a list of screenshots (images) that we need to have to
assist us in diagnosing your problem. All of these can
be done on you target machine after installing eValid.

1. An image of the Help > Manage License popup (please
expand the window to show the whole license file text).

2. An image of the Help > License Info that eValid shows.
This reveals what license features you actually have active.

3. Any error-message popup that shows up when you try to
run eValid functions (record, play, site analysis,
loading, etc.). Note that even without a license eValid
will run as a regular web browser without difficulty.

4. With the revenue keys installed -- even if they don't
work to your satisfaction -- please use the Help > Register
Product command to send us the details about what the
eValid copy you have installed on your machine sees in
terms of license features and system parameters.

5. Screenshots of any additional items that you feel may
be of use to us in determining the problem.

Thanks in advance for sending these items.
eValid Tech Support Team
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