Why is eValid a browser

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Why is eValid a browser

Postby ChrisP » Fri Aug 17, 2018 1:18 pm


Why does eValid use a browser base?

Why not JavaScript like the other systems do?

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Re: Why is eValid a brower

Postby eValid » Mon Aug 20, 2018 10:37 am

ChrisP wrote:Afternoon.

Why does eValid use a browser base?

Why not JavaScript like the other systems do?


Good question ChrisP.

Methods that enable a browser for testing -- and there are many ways to do this -- boil down to these two:

A. Use injected JavaScript to give you control over the browser.

B. Bind a browser somehow so that you feed commands in from outside the browser.

Both methods will give you control of the way the browser behaves, but the injected JavaScript method restricts you to testing only those pages that are originating from the server which delivered the page.

There are a lot of these applications and they collect very valuable information.

This is the "same-origin policy," which is very important for website security, prevents a page that is instrumented with a JavaScript monitoring beacon from sending details about an individual user's behavior to someone other than the actual owner of the page.

The second method -- binding inside a wrapper of some kind so that you have direct control of the DOM -- has the advantage that you can test any page you wish, without having to respect the same-origin policy.

This approach makes for a far-superior web application testing tool.

Hope this helps!

-- eValid Support
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